Live Wallpapers By DroidLoft

One of the cool things about the Android Operating System is the ability to install Live Wallpapers. Live Wallpapers are not simply backgrounds but backgrounds that are animated. I have posted four of my favorite live wallpapers on Just click on the link for the "App Drawer" and at the top of the page are these live wallpapers. Once you are there you click on the icon of the wallpaper you would like and the download will begin. You will need to have "Unknown Sources" checked in your security settings to download from DroidLoft. I you would rather download from Google Play. Check out out "Links" page. It has links to all of DroidLoft's apps that are published on Google Play.

The three Live Wallpapers pictures featured above are (left to right) Flower Power, Buckeye Football Live and Cure Pancreatic Cancer. These three are using the Andengine library which helps with the particle system animations. I must say it does an excellent job of handling memory resources. Some of the other live wallpapers that are available to download are not using Andengine and you can that the animations are not quite as smooth. 

Feel free to check these apps out as well as the other apps in the "App Drawer".