New App - ReSeet - Released 3-17-2015

I released a new app called ReSeet. It is a receipt keeper designed to eliminate all those little pieces of paper cluttering up your wallet. Just enter the receipt info into ReSeet and save. ReSeet keeps it all in an organized list so you enter it into your checkbook register or financial software.


Busy End of Year - 12-31-2014

I have been pretty busy on this final day of 2014. I released the 2015 vesion of Taxster. This is a free version and work well on phone and tablets. It is available on Google Play and in the next couple of day on Amazon.

January 1st, if The Ohio State Football program wins the "Allstate Surgar Bowl" in New Orleans, I will be releasing a new version (Sugar Bowl Champs Edition) of my very popular Buckeye Football Live Wallpaper on Google Play.

I also created a new app called Time Keep. It is useful for calculating you hours worked given an "in" time and "out" time. This application in only available on in the "App Drawer". I have decided to post the code for this app in the "Code" section of

With this, I close out the year 2014. Best wishes to all who visit I hope everyone enjoys this free resource for Android Application Development. It is a pleasure to provide it and give back to the developer community that has helped me along the way.

Michael May/ DroidLoft

Time Keep Screen Shot


On the Horizon - Taxster 2015

Well, after much deliberation over Taxster. I have decided to keep it going in 2015. That being said, I will be consolidating the two apps (Taxster and Taxster Tablet) into one new app that serves phones and tablets. The new app is going to be guided much like the phone version was, taking you step by step through the process. The phone app was a paid app at $0.99 and is going to be removed from Google Play in December and replaced with the 2015 version (V3.0). Taxster Tablet is going to be removed from Google Play and the Amazon App Store in December and replaced as well. The good news for you, the consumer, is that Taxster 2015 is going to be a free app.

New App - FSX Time Accelerator (FSXTA) 8-12-2014

I uploaded a new app today, FSXTimeAcellerator (FSXTA). This is a niche app for people who play Microsoft's Flight Simulator. It is available in the Android Apps section of below)

Michael May

If you play Microsoft's Flight Simulator X and you raise the simulation rate on  a long flight, this app (FSXTA) can be quite handy. After all, how long in a 14 hour 13 minute flight at 16X Sim Rate? Do you have time to get pizza? Now you will know. Once you get to your cruising altitude and speed, enter your ETE for your GPS into FSXTA and select your sim rate and press the button on the right and you will see exactly how long the flight will take. FSXTA even has an alarm to notify you when the time is up. 

Google I/O

Google I/O is here again. Google's annual developers conference in San Francisco. I will not be attending this year. However, I will be watching via the interenet. (Google I/O website and Youtube) It is always exciting (for developer) to see what will be announced. I will most likely start with watching the keynote speach at 12:00(est) on Wednesday the 25th. Michael May......


I have been playing around with game development lately. In doing this, I have been learning to use "Andengine" Android Game Engine. It is a set of libraries that you can import into your project files to make game development easier. 

Android Studio

I am starting to get used to Android Studio. Even though it is still buggy, it is in may ways a superior IDE compared to Eclipse. I made my last couple of apps using Android Studio. Gradle upgrades often cause a lot of problems.Sometimes loading project files made with an older version of A.S. into a newer version can be difficult.


New App Wedr - Released April 1 2014

I released a new app today called Wedr. Wedr will find your current location and get the current weather. You can also search weather in any location in the world. You can also save any of these locations easily access them later. Get the current weather wherever you are with "Wedr".

Wedr is available exclusively on (in the "Android Apps" section) for Free!!

Thank you

Michael May

New App Coming Soon - Wedr

I have been working on a new app called Wedr. You may have guessed that this is a Weather Application. I have all the basic functionality to get the current weather from your location. Wedr also has a search screen where you can find the current conditions anywhere in the world. Wedr has the ability to save as many locations as you want in its built in database. This allow you to quickly retrieve your weather from a list of locations. Most recently I have been designing to user interface to look beautiful on tiny 2.7" screens all the way to large 10" tablet screens.

Happy 2nd Birthday DroidLoft October 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Droidloft. Wow!, I have to admit that this 2nd birthday really snuck up on me. I quickly found a birthday graphic on the internet and modified it so that I would have something on the home page of We did not make cupcakes this year as we learned that we are not the best cupcake makers. None the less, it is a time of celebration here at DroidLoft.

We have a few interesting projects that we are working currently on. A reverse email app(in beta ), a stock market app and next years edition of our tax calculator (Taxster). Of course, I am still learning more and more about Android coding.

Speaking of coding, I have added some links to some great Android video tutorials. If you are a beginning developer, please check these out. It's all about the community.

 Michael May

DroidLoft Founder



Taxster News - October 5th

Taxster News - October 5th NEW!!

 I am currently working on the 2014 Edition of Taxster. I have decided to keep Taxster as a Tax Calculator and not make it full tax prep software. It will not have e-filing capability and will still be geared to 1040EZ filers. I am making some design improvements and giving the app a refreshed look. Taxster v2.x will go on sale in the 4th quater of 2013 and will be available in the Google Play Store and App Store for $0.99 USD. People who purchased the 2013 version will get a free update to the new version.

New App - Remail Released 9-24-2013

I released a new app today called "Remail". Remail will reverse the letters and words in your email messages to make them confusing to read.. Simple type your email message in Remail and touch the reverse compose button to send your reversed message to your email client. Remail is a free download and is available in the Android Apps section of


Michael May