Well, it's been awhile since I have written in this blog. However, I do have something interesting to announce. I have just completed  a beta version of an app called MayChat. MayChat is a very exclusive social network for my family. In these time of data mining, security breaches and privacy issues on public social networks, I think the time has come. People want to keep in touch with their families without all the ads and other people who slip in through network. It's an interesting concept and after weeks of coding, I have something I can try out on a few family members, then eventually my whole family.

At this time, it will only be available for Android. Unfortunately, people in my family who use iPhone will be left out, which is a dilemma. My IOS skills are not at the same level and my Android coding skills and making this app on IOS would be extremely challenging.(It was challenging enough on Android.) There is another problem. Distribution is difficult on IOS. Since it's IOS,  it would have to be available on the Apple App Store. Since, it is a limited distribution, I  would need to setup a Enterprise Developer account. This cost a substantial amount of money every year. I could possibly create a web app that the iPhone users in my family could pull up in their browsers. This may be the best solution. Unfortunately, my web development skills are probably worse than my IOS skills. This is something, I will need to figure out.

-Michael May