MishMash - News Application

I found a good news API last week so I decided to build an application around it. Originally, I was going to make a Technology News app. Inside of a couple days, I had a working version of the app. A friend wanted some financial news and rather than make two news apps, I just decided to incorporate a lot of different news sources. NewApi.org (the API I used) had 30+ feeds from a variety of news sources. I decided to used most of the source that were in English.  This new app was to be called "Headlyne". After developing Headlyne, I found that the was another app in Google Play called Headline and was very similar to my app. It even used the same API. I changed the name of the app to MishMash since there were so many different new sources. Now, MishMash is available on Google Play for free download. Click here to download. I hope some people will find this app to be a great source for new. Enjoy

UPDATE: I open-sourced the code on Github. Click here.