New App - FSX Time Accelerator (FSXTA) 8-12-2014

I uploaded a new app today, FSXTimeAcellerator (FSXTA). This is a niche app for people who play Microsoft's Flight Simulator. It is available in the Android Apps section of below)

Michael May

If you play Microsoft's Flight Simulator X and you raise the simulation rate on  a long flight, this app (FSXTA) can be quite handy. After all, how long in a 14 hour 13 minute flight at 16X Sim Rate? Do you have time to get pizza? Now you will know. Once you get to your cruising altitude and speed, enter your ETE for your GPS into FSXTA and select your sim rate and press the button on the right and you will see exactly how long the flight will take. FSXTA even has an alarm to notify you when the time is up.