Busy End of Year - 12-31-2014

I have been pretty busy on this final day of 2014. I released the 2015 vesion of Taxster. This is a free version and work well on phone and tablets. It is available on Google Play and in the next couple of day on Amazon.

January 1st, if The Ohio State Football program wins the "Allstate Surgar Bowl" in New Orleans, I will be releasing a new version (Sugar Bowl Champs Edition) of my very popular Buckeye Football Live Wallpaper on Google Play.

I also created a new app called Time Keep. It is useful for calculating you hours worked given an "in" time and "out" time. This application in only available on DroidLoft.com in the "App Drawer". I have decided to post the code for this app in the "Code" section of Droidloft.com.

With this, I close out the year 2014. Best wishes to all who visit DroidLoft.com. I hope everyone enjoys this free resource for Android Application Development. It is a pleasure to provide it and give back to the developer community that has helped me along the way.

Michael May/ DroidLoft

Time Keep Screen Shot