Happy 2nd Birthday DroidLoft October 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Droidloft. Wow!, I have to admit that this 2nd birthday really snuck up on me. I quickly found a birthday graphic on the internet and modified it so that I would have something on the home page of DroidLoft.com. We did not make cupcakes this year as we learned that we are not the best cupcake makers. None the less, it is a time of celebration here at DroidLoft.

We have a few interesting projects that we are working currently on. A reverse email app(in beta ), a stock market app and next years edition of our tax calculator (Taxster). Of course, I am still learning more and more about Android coding.

Speaking of coding, I have added some links to some great Android video tutorials. If you are a beginning developer, please check these out. It's all about the community.

 Michael May

DroidLoft Founder