Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - Review - June 16th

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, a couple of days ago and I have got to say, "I love it!". It is the 7 inch version (there is a 10" version availabe, it cost more of course). It comes with Android 4.0.3. (Ice Cream Sandwich) a dual 1.2ghz processor and 8gb of storage. This all adds up to pretty snappy performance.

I have not been too impressed with past Android Tablets. Tablets are a part of the Android market that has been a bit weak and overshadowed by the iPad. However, I believe we have really turned a corner recently and these new tablets coming out are real competition for the iPad.

That being said, the Galaxy Tab 2 has very nice features, not top of the line but certainly good. The amoled screen is very sharp the camera front and back are good not great. However, I don't do a lot of tablet photography, so it's not that important to me but they are certainly good for video chat. 8gb of storage may not seem like a lot but it is certainly enough to get you started and you can always add storage in the Micro SD slot. I checked yesterday online and you can buy 32gb for $30-$40, 16 gb for less than $15. So not a big deal uprading you storage.

There are many, more detailed reviews on the web if you like more information about the Galaxy Tab 2. I do not think you can buy a better tablet than this for $250. That price puts it in the same line with the Kindle Fire and Nook tablet. In the end the Galaxy Tab 2 is running pure Ice Cream Sandwich instead of a highly customized older version of Android, and that can't be beat.

Michael May