If it's not broken, don't fix it

I broke my development Android Development PC last week here at the offices of DroidLoft. I thought it would be fun to install a BluRay optical drive in it. Somehow it did enough damage to my motherboard that I can't load up an operating system. Not even Linux from a Cd. I broke my cardinal rule of opening the case of of perfectly running computer. In my defense, I did build this computer and felt like I knew it from inside and out. Changing out an optical drive is something I have done many times. I suspect the drive itself was defective. I broke another rule. Don't buy the cheapest hardware you can find online. Hopefully, I will have it up and running again this week. In the mean time I am using my new laptop which works very well but is not as good for writing code due to lack of multiple monitors. I will just have to get by with this in the mean time.