Happy Birthday DroidLoft - 10-14-2012

Happy Birthday DroidLoft! Can you believe it has one year since the introduction of DroidLoft.com? It sure went fast. I guess that's the way it is, when you really enjoy what you are doing. This idea of creating applications for Android goes back before DroidLoft.com even existed.

For me playing around with App Inventor and studying Java in the summer of last year -to- learning Android (Java/XML). My original web-site ColdTiger.com whose domain name has returned to the public a few days ago. 

DroidLoft.com has become an integral part of my personal development as well as application development. It has helped me house my work and show it to the world. It has helped other aspiring developers as well. I have received comments and emails from people saying "Thank you for this free resource". 

Android development is a community of people sharing ideas and code and resources so others can learn and become part of this community. South Florida Android Developers is another group within this community that I have become involved with in the past year.

DroidLoft has had two apps published in Google Play(formely the Android Market). This was a goal achieved for this year. I look forward to the next year of DroidLoft where I will attempt to monetize my apps and make DroidLoft self supporting. Speaking of which, Thank you Catherine May for being supportive of this project. Your money has gone into this as well.

 Michael May