I added a new app to the Andoid Apps section of this web-site called Star Logo. It uses tween animations. I designed a star shaped DroidLoft company logo in Microsoft paint and edited it some more using photoshop elements. 

Also, I added some sound effects that required me to become an audio engineer. I used some text to speech software to create a computer generated voice saying "DroidLoft". Then I loaded into Audacity and tweeked some settings to give me a robotic sound (real Steven Hawkingish). However, the sound clip was too short for the animation. So, I added a clip of some cheering that I had downloaded from some web-site a couple of months ago. Then broke out Audacity again and merged to the two audio clips in a way that sounded good, saved it a .wav file and imported it into the project.

Amazing how much goes into making something seemingly simple. Nonetheless, I have happy with the end result.