The End of DroidLoft

It is with some sadness that I am taking down on April 20, 2019. It has been a great pleasure providing this web-site for people interested in Android Application Development. All things must come to an end. However, this is also a new beginning for a new web-site called ‘’. will be geared towards mobile application development (Android and IOS) and web development. The new website is up and running however, it is in fairly primitive stage at time of this post. So feel free to join me on this new venture at Bombadu.


Well, it's been awhile since I have written in this blog. However, I do have something interesting to announce. I have just completed  a beta version of an app called MayChat. MayChat is a very exclusive social network for my family. In these time of data mining, security breaches and privacy issues on public social networks, I think the time has come. People want to keep in touch with their families without all the ads and other people who slip in through network. It's an interesting concept and after weeks of coding, I have something I can try out on a few family members, then eventually my whole family.

At this time, it will only be available for Android. Unfortunately, people in my family who use iPhone will be left out, which is a dilemma. My IOS skills are not at the same level and my Android coding skills and making this app on IOS would be extremely challenging.(It was challenging enough on Android.) There is another problem. Distribution is difficult on IOS. Since it's IOS,  it would have to be available on the Apple App Store. Since, it is a limited distribution, I  would need to setup a Enterprise Developer account. This cost a substantial amount of money every year. I could possibly create a web app that the iPhone users in my family could pull up in their browsers. This may be the best solution. Unfortunately, my web development skills are probably worse than my IOS skills. This is something, I will need to figure out.

-Michael May



I added a new app to  called MovieBuff.

MovieBuff is a movie information application. It was a great coding experiment. However, I am not sure how useful it is for other people and this is why I did not publish it to Google Play. However, it is here on,  should anyone wish to download it. enjoy...

MishMash - News Application

I found a good news API last week so I decided to build an application around it. Originally, I was going to make a Technology News app. Inside of a couple days, I had a working version of the app. A friend wanted some financial news and rather than make two news apps, I just decided to incorporate a lot of different news sources. (the API I used) had 30+ feeds from a variety of news sources. I decided to used most of the source that were in English.  This new app was to be called "Headlyne". After developing Headlyne, I found that the was another app in Google Play called Headline and was very similar to my app. It even used the same API. I changed the name of the app to MishMash since there were so many different new sources. Now, MishMash is available on Google Play for free download. Click here to download. I hope some people will find this app to be a great source for new. Enjoy

UPDATE: I open-sourced the code on Github. Click here. 

Thermal - Weather App

So I thought I would apply what I had learned recently about RecyclerView and RecyclerView Adapters and create Thermal (a weather app). Now, I know weather apps are a dime a dozen but I felt it would be a good coding challenge.

I made a weather app a couple of years ago called "Wedr" which parsed Json Data and would give you current weather conditions. At the time, I did not understand JsonArrays and how to loop through the Json object to get what I needed for forecast data. Fortunately my skills have improved since those days. I had learned to populate RecylerView using a custom adapter with hard-coded data. I only needed to take the next step. (Connect the Json data to the adapter to display in the RecyclerView). Coding is a game of connecting pieces. Click here for a link to the App in Google Play.   


I published a new app to Google Play today. It's called "ExerBike". A couple of months ago, I bough a stationary exercise bike for my home. It had a simple digital display that would show me distance, time and speed information but was not very user friendly and calorie calculations were inconsistent. That is when I got the idea for ExerBike. ExerBike is an app that allow you to record your exercise session data. So if you are interested check it out Google Play.

I decided to open source the code. So if you you are a developer, check out the DroidLoft Code Page,

Xmas App - Released

So I thought would make a Christmas App for my friends. I know it is only October but it is good to get holiday apps out early. This was not meant to widely distributed but people asked if I could put it on my for download. Xmas App has a "Days to Christmas" countdown. It also has some music pre-loaded into it. (that's why the Apk is 13mb) It sports some different backgrounds that you can chose and animations. Also, it has a built in gift shopping list. Perfect for the holidays. You can find it in the 'App Drawer' or just click the gift box below. Enjoy

      Go to app Page

      Go to app Page


I have been learning how to utilize Firebase and have started implementing it into my apps. For those people who are familiar with Firebase, it is an easy to implement cloud back-end for your Android, IOS and Web applications. Firebase is now owned by Google and features User Authentication, Database, Messaging, Notifications and more. With all of these features, there is a free version for developers starting out. If you have ever wondered how you sync data between devices, this is definitely a good solution.

New App - Store List

I released a new app today called Store List. I t is only available on at the time of this posting. It is a Stylish Shopping list app that groups your items together on the list in categories to make shopping easier and more efficient. I published an app a couple years ago called Muneris which was more of a generic list app. However, I ended using more for shopping than anything else. So I figured that I would make myself a list geared towards grocery shopping, and now you can enjoy it as well. Click or touch here for the download page for this app.

IOS Development on DroidLoft

I have recently made some investment in Apple hardware so that I can begin Iphone and Ipad development. Unfortunately you cannot develop for Apple products using a Windows or Linux PC. This has kept me from developing for IOS in the past. Thankfully, due to some donated Apple devices and the purchase of a MacBook Air, I will soon begin. For those people who may think that I have flipped and am leaving Android behind for IOS, nothing could be farther from the truth. Developing for Apple is an expansion of my skills and Android is still a big part of what I am doing here at DroidLoft. However, in the near future look for more blog posts about IOS development and web-pages of information and related content.  

Corona SDK

I am testing out a new (well new for me) game engine called Corona SDK. It looks very promising for 2D game development. The only game development I have done before was with Andengine but it has been unsupported for the past couple years and does not translate well in modern Android Development (Android Studio). With Corona SDK you can easily export to Android, IOS and Windows. I uses a scripting language called "Lua" of which not familiar. However, it does not look very difficult.

Looking for Employment as an Android Developer

I am currently looking for employment as an Android Developer. DroidLoft is an educational project that makes no money. It is more a labor of love.

So, I would like to work for a company that designs Android Apps. I have limited professional programming experience. I am currently working in a laboratory setting in an unrelated field. I feel that this is a good time for me make a career change to Android Development.

I would love to work for a company that has a team of developers of whom I can collaborate. If you are a hiring manager reading this, please check out my resume by downloading my Resume App on Google Play. 

New Apps and App Drawer

I have not been giving this web-site much attention lately. However, I am working to eliminate the old "App Drawer" and replace it with an much better designed app description page. You can already see these changes if you touch the New App Images on the main page. They will link to their own page with a description, screen shots and a download button. It may take some time to change everything over to this new design, so I will leave the old "App Drawer" active until this transformation is complete.

I have added two new apps this weekend to the "Vocabulator" and "Airportable". Both of these apps are available for free download exclusively from Droidloft.

There are more apps coming soon.



Udacity - Intro to Java

Interested in programming for Android devices? Check out Udacity's "Intro to Java" course. Java is an essential part of Android and having a good understanding of it(Java) will help as you go forward with Android. Udacity has one of the best courses that I have seen. There is a subscription cost (at the time of this post $200/mo). Check it out.

Udacity and Google offering an Android Developer Nanodegree

Udacity and Google are offering an Android Nanodegree program. It is a 9 month online course to put you on a career path to become a professional Android developer. This looks like a very well done course. However, it is an intermediate course and is recommended that you have some experience with Object Oriented Programming and/or Java programming and some experience with Android. Its cost is $200/month, go as fast or slow as you need to.

I have decided to enroll in Udacity's "Intro to Java" course to help solidify my Java skills prior to taking the Android Nanodegree course.

New App - Sayonara

I released a new app on today (5/23/2015) called Sayonara. Sayonara is a nifty vacation time tracking app that allows you to quickly see how much vacation(personal/floating holiday) time you have. It is available for free on in the "App Drawer". Enjoy