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DroidLoft - An Educational Project

In August of 2011. I decided to break into the Android Application Development World. I had done some programming in Java earlier in the year by studying some online courses. Then I made some apps using “App Inventor” software from Google. This spurred me on to become a Native Developer by coding my apps  in the Java and XML programming languages.

It was quite a learning curve but little by little I learned more. I created DroidLoft.com in October of 2011 as a place to store and show off my work and to blog. Some of my apps are published in The Google Play Store and some are published exclusively on DroidLoft. You can find likes to an app on the 'Links' page. Also, there are links connected to images of apps that I show on the main page of DroidLoft.com. I still maintain DroidLoft as an educational resource as well to help other developers who are starting out with Android.


Michael May


DroidLife + DroidLove = DroidLoft